Our videos were created with the help of students with autism. Nothing is more inspiring than being led by peers who have faced similar challenges and achieved success.


Anthony - Autism Apps


Flexing and exercising his muscles was not Anthony’s first choice but because he routinely saw his Dad exercising he was willing to give it a try.

Anthony began working out in his basement at 13 years old, ten years after being diagnosed with autism. It was a challenge to make it a part of his routine but experiencing gains in his muscular strength kept him curious for more. His love of Batman and superheroes is what kept him motivated and the occasional comic book at the end of the session from Coach Dave.

Today, at 17 years old, Anthony uses his strength at his first job at Mariano’s. You can also catch him on the Coach Dave Show and at autism conferences, selling products for the EC and talking with others about the benefits of exercise.

Rachel - best apps for kids with autism


At 18 months old, Rachel lost her ability to speak and was diagnosed with autism. Who knew that she would now be presenting across the country sharing her story.

Rachel doesn’t remember too much growing up but she will tell you that movement played an important part in her physical and cognitive development. At 14 years old, she was reluctant to exercise and when she did, would only wear her school uniform and slip-on shoes. Her dog, Fleur, was her motivator to exercise and today is still apart of her workouts.

Now, 18 years old, Rachel is dressed in exercise gear with newfound hope and optimism. She recently graduated from high school and is excited to see what the next four years can bring. If you want to learn more about Rachel you can catch her on the Coach Dave Show.

Bill - apps for aspergers


At 25 years old, Bill had difficulty catching a baseball. And having played softball for the last four summers this was unacceptable for Coach Dave.

Diagnosed with asperger syndrome and suffering from seizures, professionals and coaches may have been timid to challenge him. Well, challenge was exactly what he needed. Through exercise, Bill has not only increased his muscular strength and coordination but can now catch two balls while balancing on a stability ball! Something most high-level athletes can’t do.

Bill, a die-hard Cubs fan, is an inspiration for many adults because of his “never give up” attitude. Bill is a graduate of Elgin Community College and has been working at Meijer’s for the last four years, along with co-hosting the Coach Dave Show.